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ARTISINAL DRINKS for any occasion
Enjoy them straight, stirred or shaken.


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Challenge your taste buds and choose your flavour! Kever is for any occasion.
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Drink it pure, in a cocktail, mocktail or as a sidekick with your favorite beer.
Kever Origineel
bottled cocktail
Kever 0% non alcoholic mixer
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Distilled traditionally with our own made malt wine, grain alcohol and tincture distillates.
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Our distinctive cans don’t only look great but are also 90% recyclable.
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Choose your Kever Genever

Each flavour is beautifully packed in distinctive tin cans. The green-labelled Kever Genever origineel is the contemporary version of an old style genever. Traditional spirit made for the taste of today. Our Kever Kopstoot genever is fruity, refreshing and the BFF of your beer. Drink it with a Weizen or I.P.A. and you are hooked. Kever 0% is the first genever inspired 0% spirit. A tasty alternative to drink with ginger ale or to use it in your mocktail.

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Bring the Amsterdam spirit to the world

Sharing is caring, so we don’t want to keep it as a local secret. Our ambition is to bring Kever Genever to the world! As we speak Kever is already conquering several countries in the world.

And busy as we are, we also created new flavours! Try our new canned cocktails, made for any occasion. With names like Holy Negroni, Henkie Panky,  and Pinky Promise they sound great, look great and taste even better!

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The Kever Experience

What we mean by the Kever Experience? Discover it yourself: choose a flavour, challenge your taste buds, and share the fun with your friends! There’s a Kever Experience for any occasion.

Triggered to know more about Kever? Check out our videos!

For any occasion the perfect serve

Enjoy your Kever Genever in multiple ways: in a cocktail, mocktail or as a sidekick with your beer. The subtle maltiness and versatility makes it a perfect drink for any occasion. Don’t feel like drinking alcohol or have to drive? Try Kever 0% genever and build your own mocktail!


Kever Genever is the perfect drink for any occasion. Feel like having a cocktail to enjoy with your friends? Discover the versatility of Kever Genever in any of our products. Easy to make or ready to drink, we got you covered. Don’t feel like drinking alcohol or have to drive? Try Kever 0% for the perfect mocktail. 

Serving a Holy Negroni cocktail Play Button
Holy Negroni
  • Swizzle the ice cold can
  • Pour into a tumbler with ice
  • Stir for 30′ & garnish with orange peel
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Henkie Panky perfect serve Play Button
Henkie Panky
  • Swizzle the ice cold can
  • Pour into a chilled coupe
  • Garnish with orange zest
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Pinky promise perfect serve Play Button
Pinky Promise
  • Chill the ice cold can
  • Shake and pour in a chilled coupe
  • garnish with a wedge of lime
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non alcoholic cocktail Play Button
Amsterdam Virgin
  • Pour 50ml Kever 0% into glass
  • Top off with Ginger ale
  • Garnish with slice of grapefruit 
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Genever cocktail Play Button
John Collins
  • Pour Kever Origineel into glass
  • Add sugar syrup & fresh lemon juice
  • Top off with soda and garnish with lemons
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Kopstootje Play Button
  • Grab a can of Kever kopstoot
  • Fill tulip glass with Kever
  • Sip back to back with beer of choice
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