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Dutch craftsmanship based on heritage

Our product is artisanally distilled in the Amsterdam region. We make use of 400 years of Dutch heritage. This results in amazing versatility and possibilities to innovate. To make bombs of flavour we can make use of botanicals like gin, and the maltiness as you experience by drinking whisky. This makes genever the ideal bridge between gin and whisky. Read along in our Kever Story

How The Adventure Started min 1

How the adventure started

Once upon a long, boozy night in Amsterdam we cracked open a bottle of genever. We Immediately realized just how good it was. And wondered why our national spirit, with over 400 years of heritage, lost its tedge. So, we scrambled our savings and started to experiment. The result: 3 different genevers, each with their own character, but all with our signature style: a smooth, fat, botanically loaded bomb of flavor.

The Kever Experience

We reinvented the drink we admire, driven by our lust for innovation and a good drink. And the adventure still continues. Because we want to serve all Kever lovers in the best possible way. That’s why we offer a broad range of flavours to enjoy Kever the way you want it to drink: pure, as a cocktail, a mocktail or in combination with your favorite beer. It’s up to you. And our new ready-to-drink canned cocktails prove that there is a Kever for any occasion!

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Try our new canned cocktails

Ready-to-drink cocktailbar quality drinks without the hassle of creating one. Quick, easy and pretty damn delicious right from the fridge.
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Challenge your taste buds and choose your flavour!
Perfect Serve min 2

Perfect serve

Cool it, shake it, pour it, drinkt it!
bottled cocktail
bottled cocktail
ready to drink cocktail bottles cocktail
ready to drink cocktail
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Crafted with high quality spirits, syrups & liquors .
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Our distinctive cans don’t only look great but are also 90% recyclable.


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