Kever Genever Origineel
Kever Genever Origineel
Kever Genever Origineel
Kever Genever Origineel
Kever Genever Kopstoot

Kever Genever Origineel


• 500ml.
• 38.7% ABV.
• 22% Malt-spirit



Potentially your very own can of liquid gold. Gold-yellowish appearance, fragrant cinnamon and apple on the nose and crisp hints of bitter gentiana root, soft malt and almond on the palate – this four times distilled Genever Four times distilled and made of a blend of aged macerations and distillates from a combination of fabaceae, gentiana root and juniper.


A perfect basis for classic cocktails such as a Negroni or a John Collins, our favourite mixer The Amsterdam Lemonade or combine it with a beer of choice, we suggest the Green Bullet of Two Chef’s brewing.

This item: Kever Genever Origineel
1 × Kever Tulip Glass (2x)
1 × Two Chefs I.P.A
1 × Kever Cocktail Glass (2x)
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With the introduction of Kever Origineel back in 2015 our journey started.

This green labelled can is 90% recyclable, stands out in every backbar or liquor shelve and last but not least, it’s pretty damn delicious.

Golden in colour, four times distilled, has fragrant cinnamon and apple on the nose, and crisp hints of bitterness. Think of your grandmothers applepie 2.0.

It’s made with distillates of Tonkabean, gentian root, malt-wine and of course juniper.

Did you know that Genever’s unique mixability has made it a favorite among modern bartenders—Check the perfect Serves for inspiration.

We are aiming to stick around for a little bit longer, let’s try to do this together.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and.. #bepartofthechange

Bring the Amsterdam Spirit to the World!


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