Kever Kopstoot + 1x Bird of Prey & 1 Tulip Glass for FREE!

Ruben slurping from Tulip glass
Ruben slurping from Tulip glass

Kever Kopstoot + 1x Bird of Prey & 1 Tulip Glass for FREE!

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You Never drink alone with this Kopstoot pack. Our typical Kever Kopstoot accompanied with our typical Dutch tulip glass and a delicious I.P.A beer from Brouwerij ‘T Uiltje.

With whom are you going to drink a Kopstootje?

Whats in the box?

1. Kever Kopstoot Genever
Our crisp and hoppy old style Genever is a tribute to the ‘kopstoot’, a typical Dutch drinking habit where you combine beer with Genever; so pair this Genever with your favourite Weizen, I.P.A or any good lager and create your own perfect ‘Kopstoot’.

2. Kever Tulip glass (1x)
Genever is typically downed from a Tulip glass. Fill your glasses to the top , put your hands behind your back, ‘bow’ to the glass and slurrp of the top layer!
3. Bird Of Prey I.P.A (1x)

Taste Profile
Light yellowish appearance. Malty, floral citrusy tones of hops, sweetness of distillate of pineapple, and a pleasant tingling finish of timut pepper.

How to Drink it
The Kever Kopstoot can be consumed neat or (preferably) next to your favourite beer as a ‘Kopstootje’ Check out how this ritual is done below.

How to get ready:

Take a big gulp of your beer of choice
take a sip Kever
take a sip of your beer
WOW, that tastes pretty good right?

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Original price was: €29.50.Current price is: €24.50.