John Lemon
John Lemon
John Lemon

John Lemon


The John Lemon is a ready-to-drink cocktail with bartender quality. This cocktail brings you all the summer vibes of white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. The original drink finds its origin on old British naval ships where the crew learnt that citrus fruits and genever helped to prevent scurvy. A perfect combination! Bartenders rediscovered this juicy combination and we just twisted it.. 

Fun facts:

  • This cocktail is crafted with Kever Origineel, Lemon & Lime Cordial, sugar syrup and water. The content is 500ml
  • The John Lemon is a Kever take on the classic genever cocktail the John Collins. Now you get the name…
  • In for something lower on alcohol. Pour 60ml John Lemon, and top off with tonic or sparkling water

1 John lemon Canned Cocktail  serves 5 cocktails.

Perfect serve: 

  1. Shake the can
  2. Pour into a chilled coupe, 
  3. Garnish with a zest of lemon

Nutritional value
Calories: 185,1
Sodium: 1.4 mg
Carbohydrates: 11.4 gr
of which sugars: 8,8 gr