Holy Negroni
Holy Negroni
Holy Negroni

Holy Negroni


Over a decade old and still one of the most consumed  and best sold cocktails in the world. This little gem has its roots in Florence, Italy.

 The Holy Negroni is a ready-to-drink cocktail, it serves you bartender quality drinks anyplace, anywhere and anytime. When the situation calls for a classic aperitivo cocktail, let the Holy Negroni carry you home. This red glowing beauty is not for the faint hearted however our genever turns this grown up’s drink into a true dinner party starter.

Fun facts:

  • The Holy Negroni is crafted with Kever Origineel, Willem’s Sweet Vermouth and Campari. The content is 500ml
  • The original Negroni was created in Italy, when Count Negroni, early 1900’s, kindly asked the bartender to replace sparkling water for gin.
  • The bitter note of this cocktail is said to settle your stomach before dinner


Perfect serve : 

  1. Swizzle the ice cold can
  2. Pour into a tumbler filled with ice
  3. Stir for 30 seconds & garnish with orange peel

Taste Profile

Nose: classic Campari aroma: bitter orange, a sweet berry and celery aroma, and a hint of sweet orange.
Palate:  a bit sweet at first, the Vermouth comes through mid-palate. Juniper and citrus give the genever character mid through late,
Finish: a combination of dry with slight absinth, gentian, and quinine notes.
Overal:l A bitter sweet symphony

Nutritonal Value per serving (100ml)

Sodium 3.5
Potassium 28
Total Carbohydrates 12
Sugar 10

Some say, don’t mess with a Negroni. We respect that. We just gave it a small update, using Kever Origineel makes it a bit less bitter and slightly more accessible for everyones taste profile.