Kever Genever Giftpack Origineel


This Kever Genever giftpack contains a can of juiciness together with a traditional Dutch tulip glass. Ultimately it’s the perfect starter kit to experience this spirit neat. Though, we can recommend you to explore Kever also as a:


This mixer combines elements that make your mouth water. The refreshing citrus notes of the Lemonade perfectly blend with the maltiness of the genever. It all ends with a tingling finish.

How to get ready:
1. Fill a highball with ice
2. Pour 50 ml of Kever Genever
3. Top up with quality bottled lemonade
4. Stir briefly to mix
5. Garnish with lemon zest and mint

• 500 ml Kever old style Genever
• Dutch Tulip Glass



Looking for a perfect birthday or holidays gift? You might just found what you are looking for.

Kever Origineel is a bomb of flavor and yet smooth as a baby’s bottom. Accompanied with a traditional  tulip glass  (nicely Kever branded ofcourse)  you are ready for the real deal.

We do understand if you are unable to give away this giftpack and keep it for yourself.

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