Kever Genever Giftpack Kopstoot


This Kever Genever giftpack contains a can of juiciness together with a traditional Dutch tulip glass. Ultimately it’s the perfect starter kit to experience this spirit neat. Though, we can recommend you to explore Kever also as a:


Combine this genever with your favorite Weizen, IPA or any good lager. We from Kever Genever truly love this new age interpretation of a typical Dutch habit called a: ‘Kopstoot’. This juicy boilermaker provides you with an instant kick!


• 500 ml Kever Genever Crisp & Hoppy
• Tulip Glass




Familiar with a ‘Kopstootje’? This typical dutch tradition is one of Kever’s favorites. We figured why not combining it in one awesome giftpack. The only thing missing? A delicious beer of choice. We like to work together with local craft breweries such as: or Do check out there beers and get ready for one of the most old traditions of the Low lands.

How to get ready:

  1. Take a big gulp of your beer of choice
  2. take a sip of your Kever (pay respect to the ‘borrel’ and bow for your drink in order to not waste any liquid gold)
  3. take a sip of your beer
  4. WOW, thats pretty good right?
  5. repeat!

Additional information

Weight 20.62 kg

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