Henkie Panky
Henkie Panky
Henkie Panky

Henkie Panky


Not only is the taste of this cocktail terrific, the backstory behind it is also great.

About 150 years ago, British master magicians used to swing handkerchiefs with one hand to keep viewers from noticing what they were doing with the other. This practice was so common that the use of a hanky came to be associated with any clandestine or sneaky activity. It’s thought that since magicians used the words hocus-pocus, a rhyming word was added to give it pizzazz.



Wake up your taste buds with this tantalising ready-to-drink cocktail. Henkie Panky serves you cocktail bar quality drinks, anyplace, anywhere and anytime. The original cocktail was created in the early 1900’s at the iconic Savoy hotel bar in London. A guest requested a drink with a bit of punch and he got it. His reaction after the first sip ‘By Jove! That is the real Hanky Panky!’.

Fun facts : 

  • The Henkie Panky is crafted of Kever Origineel, Willems Sweet Vermouth and Fernet Branca
  • Ada Coleman created the original cocktail and became one of the best bartenders and mixologists in history.
  • This drink is made for sophisticated drinkers whose classy behavior will falter by the time they hit the dregs; then it’s dancing on the table time.

1 Henkie Panky Canned cocktail contains 5 servings.

How to serve?

1. Put Henkie Panky canned cocktail in fridge 1 hour before use.
2. Gently ‘swizzle’ the can for 20 seconds and pour into a very chilled coupe glass.
3. Garnish with orange peel.

Taste profile:

Nose: mixed warm spices, Light lavender, mint and lemon. Inviting and intensely aromatic.

Palate: Bright, juicy fruit up front, before becoming oily remaining smooth.  A hint of sweeter peach develops.

Finish: Hints of anise sweets on the finish, with notes of typical old genever and saffron.

Overall: A curious and yet complex cocktail – certainly a very fine alternative to the classic Negroni.

Nutritional value
There approximately 163 calories in one serving of the Henkie Panky