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Kever Tulip Glass

Kever Tulip Glass


One of the most iconic glasses out there with for sure one of the best stories behind it.

How to get ready:

The ritual begins with a nearly overflowing, tulip-shaped glass of Kever Genever and ideally accompanied by a beer of choice, our personal favourite is the Green bullet of Two Chef’s Brewing.

With this Tiny tulip glass in front of  you, you pay respect to the drink by bringing your head to the brimming glass perched on the bar. With your hands on your back, you take a ‘slurp’ of the aromatic spirit, completing the “little head-butt.” Bartenders in the Netherlands typically pair the liquor with a pilsner, which operates as a chaser or in dutch; a ‘Kopstootje’. Once you no longer fear that your tulip cup might runneth over, you hold the glass and toast. Then, they’re free to sip, shoot, and alternate with beer at your leisure.



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Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 cm

1 review for Kever Tulip Glass

  1. Heather Hughes

    Vix ne odio deseruisse percipitur, vel cu epicuri officiis. Debet dicunt suscipit per id, iuvaret indoctum an has. Duo te populo tritani, pro id reque atomorum convenire.

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